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Will a Garden Room Boost the Worth of Your Property?

A well-built extension will enhance any property and therefore boost its value. But do garden rooms add to the worth of a home?

What is a Garden Room?

A garden room is not as substantial or costly as a full-extension, but it can offer many of the same benefits. A garden room is an outbuilding that you can use for whatever you require. Perhaps a work from home office, a gym, hobby room or playroom. A garden room offers a secluded and convenient area to focus on whatever you want.

You can design your garden room to suit your requirements, with many styles and sizes available. They can be constructed quickly and with minimal disruption, and you can enjoy the benefits right away.

Here we look at how a garden room can add value to your property.

Floor Space

More floor space means more appeal. Buyers will always want as much space as possible, and a garden room offers that bit extra. Not only is this extra space a great way to maximise storage, but a garden room also provides a versatile addition that buyers can adapt as they require.

Broader Appeal

A home with a garden building will appeal to a broader group of people as it offers the potential of a home office. Many buyers will see this as a huge benefit, especially with the current need for working from home. The garden room could also serve as a gym or a teaching space.

Offer More Storage

Storage space is at the top of everyone’s list when looking to invest in a property. A garden room offers extra space to store items and to use equipment. It is a safe, dry and secure area for storing.

Added Value

It will vary as to how much value a garden room will add to your property. It will depend on the size of your home, the area you live and the age of the building. However, it is fair to expect an increase of 5-15%, which far outweighs your initial investment. A garden room that goes a little further and offers an extra bathroom or bedroom will, of course, add more value.

It is crucial to ensure you choose the right company when installing your garden room, as quality is key. Fern Garden Rooms have the skills and know-how to deliver the perfect garden room for your home.

For information on the garden rooms we offer at Fern Garden Rooms, contact us today on 01277 724003.

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