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The best ways to enjoy your garden room

It is no surprise that garden rooms are an increasingly popular addition to homes across the UK. There are many advantages to investing in a garden room, particularly now with many of us finding ourselves having to turn our home space into our workspace.

Garden rooms are a less expensive, less complicated alternative to an extension, yet offer many of the same benefits. They do not need planning permission and are easily and quickly constructed.

Here we look at the most popular uses for garden rooms:

Home office – this must be at the top of the list. More people are working from home, and it is not always easy to find space indoors to work. A garden room can serve as the perfect workspace as there are few distractions, and it can be designed to suit your work needs.

Gym – having an area dedicated to exercise will help with motivation and provide you with a private space to focus on your health. It is also a lot cheaper than a gym membership.
Maximise garden space – if you have a small garden, it can be easy to feel there is no potential. However, you could use that space for a garden room. Not only have you made your garden a significant part of your home, but you have also extended your living space.

Living / relaxing space – using your garden room as a lounge or living area is a fantastic option. It can be somewhere you can go and relax. Depending on your budget and facilities, the things you can add in your relaxing space could be endless. You could even use it as a spa area with a shower or a hot tub.

Hobby room – perhaps you are a musician or a painter. Maybe you are a writer that works best in a quiet space. A garden room can serve as the perfect area for you to enjoy your hobbies and keep your treasured and delicate items safe.

Entertaining/games room – you could have a pool or games table in your garden room when guests visit. You may also like space for entertaining friends and family with cocktails and nibbles.

Playroom – a garden room can serve as a place for children to play safely, no matter the weather. Toys and educational items can be stored here to decrease clutter in the home.
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