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The Benefits of a Soundproof Garden Room

We usually associate soundproof garden rooms with music rooms and recording studios. However, they have several other fantastic uses. A soundproof room in your garden is an excellent addition to any home, and they have more benefits than you may think.

Why soundproof?

Many hobbies cause noise, and most homes will have neighbours close by. Soundproofing gives you the chance to enjoy your hobby, or work, without the worry of annoying neighbours. Perhaps your garden room is for exercise, and you like to play music? Maybe you want to have friends around to watch a game? Or you could want somewhere to practice an instrument. Soundproofing gives you the peace of mind to go about these activities without disturbing your neighbours or other people you live with.

Can a garden room really be soundproofed?

You can soundproof garden rooms, but it must be done correctly. A professional, such as Fern Garden rooms, can help you bring your soundproof garden ideas to life. The soundproofing is done using materials designed to absorb sound. These are packed into the structure of the garden room. Windows and doors must be checked to ensure they are also soundproof.

What to use a soundproof garden room for

Here, we look at the ways a soundproof garden room can benefit your home. It may surprise you how many potential uses there are!

Home gym

Whether you enjoy exercising by yourself or with a partner, loud music is the perfect accompaniment for motivation. You may also wish to teach gym classes to music from your soundproof garden room.

Entertaining guests

Dinner parties, takeaway nights, games nights, movie nights, these are much more fun with the volume turned up!

Kids play

Kids are loud – fact. A kid’s playroom, arts and crafts room, or sports room is a good way of letting children play with friends without upsetting the neighbours.

Home cinema

For the film lovers out there! Some comfy bean bags and surround sound teamed with a large TV could turn your garden room into the best cinema experience, complete with popcorn!

Garden disco

For parties, drinks with friends, or to rent out as a business. This is an excellent use of your outdoor, soundproof space.

Music studio

Band practice, instrument practice, recording, and even teaching music are brilliant uses for a soundproof garden room.

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