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The Benefits Of A Garden Office

Working from home is on the rise now more than ever. This poses an issue of space for some people, as we are not all equipped with office space in our homes. A garden office is an ideal solution, and one that you may never have even known existed.

A garden office enables you to have your own designated workspace without the distractions that working from home tends to come with. We have compiled a list of the benefits of a garden office:

Privacy – The distractions you may face when working from home will not apply to a garden office. You will have your own space and not have to ask people to be quiet or turn down the volume. It will enable you to focus without distraction, and others in your house will not have to change what they are doing.

Inexpensive – A garden office is cheaper than you may think. It is a lot less expensive than a conversion. The cost will depend on the size and amenities.

Inspiration – Did you know that Roald Dahl wrote his stories in a garden shed? Being amongst nature can promote inspiration, creativity, and productivity.

Quick and easy – A garden office is usually built off location and installation usually takes less than a week.

Property value – A well-maintained garden office will boost the appeal and value of your property. The extra room can be multifunctional.

Commuting – It will take 30 seconds to get to work if your office is based in the garden. This means the stress of rushing, traffic or public transport is eliminated.

Comfort – This is a place that can be tailored exclusively to you—your designs, furnishings and amenities. You can work in whichever way makes you comfortable and not worry about others watching over you.

Flexibility and work-life balance – It will be easy to take care of tasks in your break times, as you are at home with everything to hand. Walking the dog, popping to the shops, doing a workout, and helping the kids with a project are all doable. You will also save time on money on lunches as all you need to do is pop inside and open the fridge.

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