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Teen Den Ideas To Help You Create A Unique Space

Offices, studios, and gyms are among the first things that come to mind when we think of garden rooms. Not immediately apparent is the fact that garden rooms can be constructed to provide additional living space for the entire family, including the children!

A teen den is an excellent way to provide your children with the space they desire without taking up valuable living space in your home. In order to get you motivated, we’ve researched some of our top ten den ideas to get you started on your project


When they get older, what starts out as a playroom can be transformed into a tv snug or games room in which they can hang out with their friends, or even into a quiet study area when the exam years arrive.

Benefits of a teenage garden den:

  • Detached from the house, which means no noise will bother the remainder of the household.
  • Because it’s fully insulated, it can be used no matter how cold it is. It can be changed as the kids grow and the needs of the family change.
  • A place where your kids and their friends can be safe.
  • cheaper than adding on or converting a loft.


A Space to hangout

So, as teenagers get older, they want to be more on their own, too. Young children can have their own space in a garden room. With their friends, it’s the perfect place to get away from it all. You can have peace of mind that they’re having fun in the garden.

A Space to Study

It’s a good idea to let your kids have the space they need to study. A different room where they can go and work on their school or college work. This extra space could make the difference between getting a C or an A.

Everyone’s Included

Parents who have kids with special needs will know how important it is to give their kids a place where they can be who they are. Why not give your child their own sensory room? This will help them be stimulated, develop, and be more excited about things. A sensory room can help kids learn through play, improve their balance, movement, and orientation, and help with behavioural issues, just to name a few.

For the Musical Geniuses

Having a music room for your child at the bottom of the garden is a great idea if your child likes to play an instrument but needs a place to practise. This way, the rest of the family can enjoy some peace and quiet.

In addition, we offer an acoustic package that lessens the transmission of sound to about 45 dB.

When they’re ready to start performing in front of people, open up the garden room, put some chairs outside, and give them their own stage.


Garden rooms can also be multipurpose! It’s okay for kids to play throughout the day, but after they go to bed, turn the space into an adult-only area. When you want to watch a movie with your family on Friday night, you can make a cinema room that everyone can enjoy together.

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