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Shenfield – Home Bar

Date of Build: July 2020

As you can see from the pictures, the build was a success and incorporated all of the features the client wanted. It was built on time and on budget and exceeded the clients expectations.

The client was particularly happy about the air conditioning as it will accommodate all seasons. The air conditioning will give warmth in the winter and coolness in the hot summer months.


  • Two garden sheds and a retaining wall to demolish with the rubbish top be loaded into a 12 yard skip.
  • Ground to be levelled before we commence the build.


Making sure the ground is suitable to build on and creating a frame for everything to stand on is an important step. The frame is built and prepared for the next stage.


The walls and ceiling were then insulated with 50mm PIR board, leaving a 50mm air flow above the ceiling, vented at both sides.


EPDM Rubber roof was installed. EPDM roofing is highly durable and reliable, and suited to commercial and residential flat roof projects.

Building Wrap

Next was the installation of the building wrap, a breathable membrane for timber frame buildings for long-term protection against the elements. The breathable membrane stops rain water getting in and lets moisture out.


We then installed the floor using structural grade tongue & groove floorboards and plywood.


Insulation is essential for keeping warmth in the winter, but people forget that its the insulation in our home which stops us overheating in summer! we cut to size and install each part, making sure we tidy as we go!

Vapour Barrier

Next was the installation of a vapour barrier this has the main benefits of allowing moisture trapped in the structure to escape into from the inside and to avoid humidity infiltration from the inside into the timber frame during winter.


Plasterboard in now fitted to the inside of the garden room, this particular construction specified 15mm acoustic & fire rated plasterboard to be installed.

Tape & Joint

Next the plasterboard is taped and jointed ready for decoration.


The garden room was fitted with it’s own consumer unit and supplied with electricity via an armoured cable by a fully qualified electrician.

Windows & Doors

Double glazed windows and French doors were fitted.

Air Conditioning

A concreate plinth was constructed to house the air conditioning that provides Cooling, Heating and Dehumidifying functionality for year round comfort. This was installed by a fully trained air conditioning engineer with an F gas certificate provided.

Internal Carpentry

The client wanted a bar a bench seating fabricated with wooden cladding in the theme of a traditional pub.


The garden room was then cladded with a durable, low maintenance, fibre cement weatherboard that is chemically bonded during the manufacturing process to provide lasting resistance to rain, hail, wind, fire, rot and pests.

Finished Project

This build was carried out by qualified craftsmen who know and understand garden out buildings. They have built numerous projects ranging from Home Bars, to Garden Gym‘s.

If you would like the same, then one quick visit from us, and we will be able to supply you a quote. you will be one step further from that little bit of tranquillity at the end of your garden. 

The garden room could provide that bit of peace you need at the end of a hard day, or even give you that workout you need. whatever your need for a Garden Room is, we can provide it. Call us now!

Garden room in shenfield with grey exterior
Garden room in shenfield with pub
Garden room in shenfield with bar
Garden room in shenfield
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