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Perks of a garden office

The garden is an idyllic place for any home office and homeowners have been gradually gravitating towards this notion, with garden offices popping up everywhere.

Following recent events with restrictions being placed on normal working life, the building trade has seen a huge rise in demand for the garden office, like never before.


For some, the lockdown has been an eye-opener and provided us with an insight into what we want. We’ve had time to re-evaluate what’s important to us. A new business venture perhaps, the possibility of working from home all the time, or an office away from the house. All these are made possible with a garden office, to enhance your working life.


Office hours to suit

Being able to work when it suits you is one of the greatest pleasures of a garden office. Being human means we’re all different and some of us work better at different times of the day. Regimented office times aren’t always convenient too, so a garden office is perfect for fitting work around other commitments.


No more cars, busses or trains to work

When you only have to pop down to the garden to start your day, you can say goodbye to your daily commute. Exchange traffic fumes for fresh air, as you saunter down to the garden office. Not only will you save on time, but you’ll save on money too!


Improve work and home life

Make working from home, work for you and your family. The garden office is an ideal opportunity to balance the two and get the most out of life. The flexibility to take or pick children up from school, see their plays/assemblies or run them to clubs is priceless. The garden office will give you the opportunity to fit work and family life around each other, rather than being tied to an office, miles away from home with restrictive hours.


An office that works for you

Create a tranquil working space that works the way you want it. Organise and arrange office equipment just how you like it, so you have everything to hand. Invest in a comfy office chair and a desk that you’ve always dreamed of. Take control of that perfect working temperature too. No more arguments over the air-conditioning.  The garden office can be anything you want it to be.


Peace and quiet

Long days with constant background noise can take a toll on any office worker. Telephones ringing, talking, outside traffic, technology bleeping and interruptions. These all mount up to one big headache sometimes. Retreat to a garden office to get the peace and quiet you deserve. Concentration levels will rise too, once noise interference has been lowered.


Add value to your home

It should go without saying, but a garden office really will add value to your home. A home that makes great use of outdoor space is sought after, not only for families but young couples too.


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