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How To Create The Perfect Yoga Studio In Your Garden

Clean living and mindfulness are increasingly important parts of day-to-day life for many of us. This has seen a rise in the demand for home yoga studios, often making use of garden space with a bespoke garden room yoga studio.

Here we look at the benefits of creating the perfect yoga studio in your back garden.

Tranquillity at home – The sound of the birds, or the rain tapping on the studio roof, the beautiful view of your garden and flowers. This will be a fantastic and tranquil area for you to unwind and focus on yourself. After the stresses of the day, you can escape to your garden room yoga studio and clear your mind.

No time restrictions – You can use your yoga area at times that best suit you. No slotting into gym class times, no travel or traffic to compete with. Making your yoga time slot seamlessly into your schedule will ensure you keep up the excellent work.

All year round – Come rain or shine, your garden room yoga studio will be there, offering the space, comfort and escapism you require. No need to wrap up extra warm only to pile layers of coats in the corner of the gym when you are working out at home!

Make it personal – You can design your yoga garden room in any way you like. You can add art, accessories, heaters, fans or mirrors. You could even have a mini-fridge and kettle. Lighting can be tailored to suit your preference and set the atmosphere for meditation.

Classes – Depending on your profession and the size of your garden, holding small yoga classes is an option for garden room yoga studios. This is a great way of reducing the cost of hiring a location and paying for extra overheads.

A bespoke garden room as a yoga studio is a fantastic way of ensuring mindfulness is a key part of your life—practice yoga in the comfort of your home with no restrictions. The minimalistic style of a garden room will help de-clutter the mind while you fully immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature. A garden room is also a brilliant way of boosting the value of your home when it comes to selling.

For more information about the bespoke garden rooms we offer at Fern Garden Rooms, contact us on 01277 724003.

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