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Home Office in Billericay

The Perfect Solution to Finding a Contemporary Home Office in Billericay

With Fern Garden Rooms, home is where your work journey commences and closes for the day. Our customer-oriented services include a wide range of garden room projects such as home music studios, home bars, garden gyms, etc., tailored to suit your fancy at pocket-friendly rates. Our cost-effective services include: discussions about your requirements, providing you with consultations tailored to your needs with no charges whatsoever.

If having a Billericay home office has you worried about building regulations, now you can be at ease because our garden rooms are permitted development and are not subject to building regulations or planning permission. More so, every guideline is adhered to to ensure that your building satisfies every authoritative requirement. We employ the services of our own architects to maintain a high professional standard, as well as liaise with the local authorities to provide customers with documentation and peace of mind.


Our primary objective is to offer bespoke home offices and garden rooms to suit your budget and give you great value for money.


  • Oblige you with a free site survey and learn your requirements
  • Survey your garden and discuss your ideas for the project
  • Provide you with a fixed price for the project. As long as your specification does not change, then neither will our price
  • Prepare detailed illustrations for your project, engaging you in the process until we meet your desired result
  • Forward you a proposal so you can have a visualization of the garden room.

50% of the value of your order will be due 4 weeks prior to the commencement date of your project in order to enable us to start ordering the materials for your garden room. Another payment of 25% will be due the day we begin the project and the final 25% upon completion.

The average construction time for a medium size project is 4-5 weeks. Our usual working hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. However, this is subject to our agreement with you.

We are only a 15 minute drive away from Billericay.


If you would like more information on building a home office in your Billericay garden, please call our sales office.

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