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Garden Rooms in Upminster

Deciding to build garden rooms in Upminster is one of the best choice property owners can make. A garden room has dozens of excellent benefits, some of which we will explore in the lines below. But for now, let us tell you why you should build your garden rooms with Fern Garden Rooms.


So, who are we?

Fern Garden Rooms is one of the best specialty companies in the Upminster area. We provide hand-built timber frame garden rooms for all budgets, and all sorts of properties. Together, our team of experts has amassed many years of experience, which they can always draw on to make sure they give you the garden room or home office of your dreams.


Why garden rooms in Upminster?

So, what exactly is a garden room? And what’s its purpose? Well, that’s our favorite part of the story, because garden rooms are just so versatile – they can be anything! A garden room can serve as your outdoor lounge, your special get-together place for whenever you have people over, as well as your home office.


Garden rooms in Upminster come with quite a few impressive benefits, such as:

  • They give you some privacy, and some quiet. One thing that we’ve all noticed, working from home, is that it can be quite difficult to find your rhythm in the house. There’s kids running around, dogs barking, and overall, a lot of distraction. This is something that a garden room can help you with.
  • An excellent hiding place. Now that the holidays are just around the corner, your family members are bound to go looking for presents, particularly if you’ve got small children in the house. A garden room is an excellent place to store surprises.
  • They give you a place to relax. For some of our customers, their garden rooms in Upminster have served as excellent places for relaxation, dens, or even man caves, or yoga studios. Basically, it’s a little extra room for that one hobby or leisure activity you were never able to practice in the home.
  • Best of all, you’re surrounded by nature. During the warm months, a garden room can be an excellent chance for some much-deserved relaxation, surrounded by plants, and nature. Actual studies have shown that seeing fresh, nature green and being surrounded by plants makes one more relaxed and more productive!


So how about it?

Getting garden rooms in Upminster is an excellent choice, regardless if you need some space for yourself, or if you really need a home office where you can concentrate properly. As we’ve seen above, a garden room can serve any purpose you have in mind for it.

It’s a bit of extra space, one that can later be converted into anything. So even if it’s a home office now, you can later turn it into a den, or a pool room. With garden rooms in Upminster, the choices are endless.

And better yet, installing garden rooms in Upminster has never been easier – you just give us a call, schedule an appointment, and we’ll handle the rest!

We cover the whole of Upminster including the villages of Cranham & Emerson Park. Contact us on 01277 724003 for more information.

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