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Garden Rooms in Braintree

Our garden rooms, garden offices, and multi-functional outbuildings are constructed according to your ideas and choices.

We, at Fern Garden Rooms, let you make the most of your space and incorporate the features you need to make the structure. We can be your best pick to assist you in creating a well-designed garden room. The process of building a garden room with us certainly gives you the finest results.

Our Garden rooms are a perfect example of an additional living and relaxing space. Through these rooms, your free space can be transformed into a home office, gym, studio, beauty salon, workshop, or even occasional guest room.

These insulated garden rooms in Braintree are designed for year-round use, and their possible uses are limitless.

Providing the Best Services for You

Fern Garden Rooms offer a convenient, complete garden room with space for the families away from the house. Along With an eye-catching separate entrance, what we provide through our services is a truly multi-functional structure.

Our services include Garden Decking, outbuilding, and garden paving. We work to complete the projects within the given time. The best thing about a fern garden room is that we value your ideas and act accordingly through proper planning.

What sets our Garden Rooms apart?

The several members of the Fern Garden Rooms team located in Braintree. We know that there is often a certain amount of space available, particularly in the centre of town. So, a garden room is a brilliant idea to utilize the space in the garden. Braintree also has a huge number of home setups run by self-employed professionals. Therefore, we understand the importance of having extra space that can be offered by a garden office or studio.

​To utilize the additional space in the best possible way, get our services in Braintree. Our exquisite, customized garden rooms are the best way to create the cosy space that you want.

We can establish a stylish garden building that is unique to your requirements.

Creating the best Garden rooms in Braintree

​To provide you all the satisfaction we have in our office in Braintree. With every garden room inquiry in, we can offer you a free site visit, design, and ultimate quotation – just contact us so that we can discuss your working plan in much detail. The more you convey your ideas, the better we can deliver!

We are assuring you with a firm belief that all of the garden buildings are constructed as per the size of your choice so that you can really make the most of the vacant space of your garden.

Through our ultimate customisation services, you can get all the unique features that will fulfil your individual needs and desires. We work with a huge range of materials and have a great team of carpenters, resulting in beautiful garden structures that will bring serenity to your life.

We cover all of Braintree and the surrounding villages of Castle Hedingham, Cressing, Finchingfield, Sible Hedingham, Earls Colne, Coggeshall & Great Notely.

To book your free consultation call us on 01277 724003

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