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Garden Offices – How to Ensure Wi-Fi Access

Garden offices are without a doubt an increasingly popular feature for many homes. The current need for home offices has seen many people investing in garden offices. They are a fantastic way to shut off from distraction and focus on work or projects.

One problem some are finding is that wi-fi access to their garden office is not always easily achieved. Many aspects of our working life rely on access to wi-fi, so this is an essential factor.

Here we look at how you can ensure you have sufficient wi-fi access for your garden office, meaning minimal disruption to your work.

Move the router

This may sound obvious, but this should always be the first thing to try. Move your router to the nearest window to the garden office. This could work, but it may also weaken your overall wi-fi access, so it should be done with caution.

Wi-fi extender

A wi-fi extender links to your home wi-fi and extends/boosts the signal. This closes the gap between your router and your garden office. Plug the extender into a point roughly halfway between your router and garden office. Although a cost-effective solution, this will only work if there is a short gap to be bridged. Garden rooms at the end of a long garden may not benefit from this.

Ethernet cable

An ethernet cable between your home and garden office is a popular choice for a fast and consistent connection. This can be done at the time of installing your garden office electrical wiring.

Wi-fi point to point

This is a more reliable but similar option to the wi-fi extender. It requires installing a unit on the outside of your building and another on the garden office. The unit on the house links to the home wi-fi and sends the signal to the garden office unit. This can work for garden offices that are pretty far from the original building.

Powerline networking

This uses the cable between your house and garden office to transmit internet data and works alongside your existing wi-fi. You either connect the device using an ethernet cable or a new router.

There are several ways in which you can have decent wi-fi access in your garden office, making it the perfect addition for anyone wishing for more space to work at home.

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