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Corner Garden Rooms – Get the Most From Your Extra Space

Corner garden rooms are popular in the UK thanks to their clever shape and design. They maximise outdoor space and can transform smaller gardens. A garden with limited space may feel daunting initially, but with the correct planning and ideas, you could bring the area to life with a beautiful corner garden room. These garden additions offer a great extra space for your home.

Storage Solutions

Almost everybody wants more storage space, especially in a compact, tight room. Hanging storage features and shelving are great options for corner garden rooms. Think wall-mounted storage over clunky wooden units to free up floor space while still storing your essential items. Affixing storage units in your corner garden room gives a tidy, minimalist look without reducing space.

Ceiling Fixtures

Fans, heaters and lamps all take up space. When kitting out your corner garden room, consider making use of the ceiling space with hanging lighting and ceiling fans. Did you know that ceiling fans can help warm an area when the blades work in reverse? No need for bulky fans, heaters or lamps.


Corner garden rooms are often smaller than standard rooms, so choosing a minimalistic style is best to avoid making the room feel too busy. Opt for lighter, natural tones and simple designs. Perhaps add a piece of art to the wall, but do not overdo it with accessories. Whether this space is for work or leisure, it will provide a much nicer environment if it does not feel small or cluttered.


Ottomans are a fantastic way of adding seating, comfort, style and storage. Multifunctional furniture is your friend if you wish to optimise a small space. Ottomans are comfortable, particularly if you invest in one that is well-padded. They also hold a surprising number of things, so you solve two problems simultaneously!


You will want a desk if your corner garden room is your office or study. Many different styles of desks are tailored to smaller spaces, such as corner desks and even standing desks. Having space underneath the desk for a printer or computer monitor is a great way to make the most of your area and fit in all you need for your working day. You can always add flowers to your desk to brighten the space.

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