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Corner garden rooms are perfect for small gardens

If you’re thinking that your garden is too small for a garden room, then think again!


There are many reasons why garden rooms are highly desired, and we would like to reassure homeowners that even with a small garden, a garden room is achievable. With the flexibility of having a corner garden room, it opens up a number of possibilities for the homeowner to have additional space, somewhere to relax, entertain or simply escape to.


Utilise corner space wisely

A corner garden room, for the smaller garden, can be compact but look and feel surprisingly large. A custom design will be drawn up, to suit the size and requirements for the homeowner, providing an insight into how the finished structure will look. A professional garden room company will be highly skilled and know exactly how to utilise the space in the best way possible for their customer.


Stunning focal point for a garden

Built to enhance its surroundings, a garden room will bring a garden to life. Garden rooms can be a great backdrop against plants, shrubs, pots and climbers. Also, think about how much light a garden room can bring to darker parts of the garden too. Illuminated with fairy lights or lanterns on a hot summer’s night can really give the garden the wow factor.


Alfresco living

There’s nothing better than entertaining in the garden. Friends and family can enjoy the additional space in the garden and have somewhere to relax. The garden room also serves a perfect shelter from the rain, sun or cooler evenings once the sun goes down.


Warm sunny spot

Plenty of natural sunlight will fill the garden room, providing warmth and somewhere to escape artificial lights that can sometimes cause eye strain, tiredness and even migraines.


Cosy Retreat

When peace and quiet are required, take a stroll to the garden room. There you’ll find a place to unwind and quality time alone. Nowadays, life tends to be busy for most of us and we all need that certain somewhere to retreat to sometimes.


Thinking about having a corner garden room for your garden? Then give us a call and find out how we can provide a beautiful room for your garden, big or small. Tel: 01277 724003.

Fern Garden Rooms

Cool in the summer & warm in the winter, use your garden room all year round.

Fern Garden Rooms

We can custom build your internal features such as Bench Seating, Bars and much more

Fern Garden Rooms

Need a WC in your garden room?
We can install cassette toilets to fully plumbed solutions.

Fern Garden Rooms

We can install paving around your garden room and even a path from the house should you wish.

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