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Bespoke Garden Rooms in Chelmsford

Do you ever feel like you need a private and secluded place that is exclusively for your use so that you can get your work done and relax sometimes? If you aren’t aware of the term ‘garden rooms’ then we are sure you must have seen some photos on the Internet.

Garden Rooms in Chelmsford are simple yet fancy rooms that are built separately from your house. The reason behind building them separately is to ensure that they are a safe distance from the house itself. The best part about these wooden structures is that you can get them built according to your taste, style, and choices, whether it’s the windows, interior, or doors.

Choosing your Garden Room

We understand that everyone has a unique taste in how they would like things to be done. This is why there’s a variety of options for choosing Garden Rooms in Chelmsford.

According to what your requirement and needs are different types of garden rooms are popular at the moment. These include small garden rooms, office garden rooms, garden gyms, garden spas, and a gaming garden room.

Moreover, when we talk about materials for the Garden Rooms in Chelmsford, most people prefer going for wooden garden rooms. After that, a garden room is fully insulated, double-glazed, and then electrically wired.

Why get a Garden Room?

One of the most important benefits of getting Garden Rooms in Chelmsford is that you will be able to enjoy your private time alone. You can always add in a comfortable sofa, chairs, and rugs to lighten up space and invite your friends over for a cup of tea.

Having a garden room will help you complete your work deadlines earlier than usual so that later on, you’ll be able to hang out with the family or go out for a while.

A garden room could be one of the best investments that you make in your life as they add value to your property. If, in the future, you think of selling the property or giving it on rent, you’ll get higher returns compared to houses that don’t have garden rooms.

Are Garden Rooms long-lasting?

It’s normal to be worried about something if you’re investing a good amount of money in it. However, there’s no need for you to worry. Garden rooms are designed in a way that they can last for many years with little maintenance every year.

Want to get a Garden Room in your Chelmsford home? Call us now!

Looking for budget-friendly and appealing Garden Rooms in Chelmsford? That’s where we come in. We at Fern Garden Rooms are the people that will bring your dream of a bespoke garden room into reality. We use the finest and high-quality materials along with ensuring that our architect conducts the building keeps the highest standards in mind.

We cover all of Chelmsford and the surrounding villages of Writtle, Springfield, Moulsham, Galleywood, Great Baddow, Sandon and Chelmer Village.

We have built three garden rooms in Chelmsford, please click the links to view the project.

Call us now at 01277 724003 to book an appointment or drop us an email at info@ferngardenrooms.co.uk, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

All About Chelmsford

Chelmsford is an English city in the county of Essex. It is in the City of Chelmsford district. It is also the county town of Essex. Southend-on-Sea is the other city in the county. It is 30 miles (50 km) north-east of Charing Cross in London and 22 miles (35 km) south-west of Colchester. In 2011, there were 111,511 people living in the urban area, while the broader district had 168,310 people.

A person who lives in Chelmsford is called a “Chelmsfordian.”

The main urban area of Chelmsford includes all or parts of the former parishes of Broomfield, Newland Spring, Great Leighs, The Walthams, Great Baddow, Little Baddow, Galleywood, Howe Green, Margaretting, Pleshey, Stock, Roxwell, Danbury, Bicknacre, Writtle, Moulsham, Rettendon, The Hanningfields, The Chignals, Widford, and Springfield, including Springfield Barnes,

The city gave its name to the towns of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Chelmsford, Ontario, and Chelmsford, New Brunswick.A lot of people who live in Chelmsford commute to work in the City or Docklands. This is because the Great Eastern Main Line takes only 30–35 minutes to get to Central London.

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