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Beautiful garden gyms in your Brentwood home

What can be more amusing and comfortable than having a gym compartment where you can flex your muscles and sweat profusely at one corner in your beautiful garden without having to visit a gym? Of course, nothing can be compared to that. This level of excitement and the freedom to have a mini gym built to your taste is what we have to offer at Fern Garden Rooms.

As a brand, we believe that a structure will serve its purpose more if it is designed to the taste of its users. To achieve this, our brand hopes to create an avenue where people can express their creative spirit and design their very own gym in their garden at an affordable cost.

Have you always wanted to have a place to yourself where you can carry out your routine exercises with little to no disturbance? What we have here offers a peaceful and cosy enclosed environment where you get to do whatever you want. Based in Brentwood, we are just an arm-length away from you. You can reach out to us at any point in time to discuss how we can make use of the excess space in your garden and come up with a beautiful garden gym.

The most amazing part of what we do is that we will work based on your budget. This simply means you don’t have to rob a bank just because you need extra space for yourself. Fern Garden Rooms discusses the requirements of the garden gym with you and then present a quotation for free. If this suits your budget, construction begins immediately.

At  Fern Garden Rooms, we know the importance of quality. As a result of this, we get our architect involved in the process from the onset. Whatever your budget is, our professional architects put the right resources into good use and get quality materials to construct the garden gym.  To assure our clients that their investment is safe, we usually liaise with the local authorities on behalf of our clients and help get the appropriate documentation.

Below is a quick breakdown of our process;

  • Discussion and survey – This first process is crucial to us and we often take it very seriously. What we do here is to survey your garden, get to figure out the requirements for the garden gym, and then discuss your project ideas with you.
  • Quotation and design preparation – After collecting all the requirements needed for your garden gym, we then prepare a quotation that will carry the fixed price of the project. Also, our architects will prepare a series of designs for you until you find that which suits you.
  • Payment schedule – We have a flexible payment plan that suits everyone. About 4 weeks before starting the project, 50% of the price will have to be paid. This is to enable our architects to get all the materials they need to construct the garden gym. When constructions start, you will also need to pay another 25% and on completion, the rest will be paid. Constructions don’t usually take more than 3 to 4 weeks.

Whether you are in or around Brentwood, you can have one of these structures in your garden. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we look forward to working with you.

Call Fern Garden Rooms on Brentwood 01277 724003

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